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Recapped By: Doug Hein


The first national of the season did not go the way I wanted it to. The first moto I had the holeshot but before the first lap was over I was face down in the noodles. By the time I got up I was only ten seconds behind last place. The second moto was not much better. A bad start contributed to my finish. My pace and lap times were right up there with the leaders so I feel that my finishes will be better. 

I did have a little confrontation with Ernesto Fonseca. He got around me going up the big hill. During the lap I got around him. When we came up to that same big hill I knew Ernesto would try the same move again. I started up the hill and felt him coming up on me.  He tried to get around me and we made contact. At that time I did not know if he went down or not I just kept on racing. When I got off the track there were some talk about the contact. It was just racing that's all. I did not try to take him out. It was not a dirty move. We are all racing out there and contact happens. If you think that it does not, you're nuts. If racers complained every time
there was contact the officials will never here the end of it. That's enough on that subject. Now for this weekend's race. Kevin (my mechanic) and I have the suspension dialed in. I have never had just perfect till now. I feel confident that I can take my Kawasaki to the top. That's all for now.




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