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Nick Writes about St. Louis and Upcoming Race at Pontiac!


Recapped By: Doug Hein


I would like to thank you fans for visiting my official personal web site.  Please continue to root me on at upcoming events and if you see me let me know you visited my site!  Anyhow, St. Louis went like this:

The heat race I had a good start which put me in a battle with the points leader Brook Sellards.  I lead the whole race and won!  This was a good start to the night.

In the main event, I once again pulled a good start and passed for a brief lead in the second turn.  I made a mistake and couldn't jump the first triple and fell back to third.  As the race progressed I tried to pass Brandon Jesseman back for second place but I came up really short this time on the triple.  This painful mistake set the tone for the rest of my race.  My wrists, jaw and chest were hurt while I was also bleeding from my chin.  I passed Jesseman after he crashed and had a brief fight with Stephane Roncanda for the final podium spot.  I then settled into fourth place where I finished.

I cased the triple early in the main and my timing was thrown off as I continued to come up short on both triples all night.  I was bummed with the results, but I tried my best!

Since Minneapolis is a West coast race I will be passing on the Minneapolis race and will be resting.  Prior to the week of Pontiac I will do some running and bicycling.  If I feel well enough I will do some riding.  The week of Pontiac I will practice and train hard to win my first race!  That about it until Pontiac



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