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It's Official - Nick Wey to Stay with Moto XXX


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Many fans were wondering what the real story was on Nick Wey’s near Suzuki deal, which developed last week.  After hearing from the Nick Wey camp here’s a brief update on the proceeding with Suzuki.


Nick was and is riding for Team Moto XXX in 2002.  While riding for a team sometimes Factory Teams come calling.  It is always in the best interest of the rider to listen to what they have to say even if they are totally happy with the situation / Team their on.  When Factory teams come knocking a rider usually will listen, as this may never happen in a rider’s career.  With both of Suzuki’s 250cc riders injured they came knocking.


Suzuki did approach Nick and he was flattered to be talking to them while being on a team he enjoys riding for (Moto XXX).  After some debate the logistics of a deal to move forwards were impossible and Nick stayed with Moto XXX. 


Now that is out of the way Nick was able to clamp down for his race at Houston where he qualified directly out of his heat race for the main event.  Many companies, sponsors and people have back Nick in 2002 and he thanks them for their support


Moto XXX, Oneal, Smith, etc.


* Some people e-mailed VRM asking for details while discussions were developing with the two parties.  Fans may not always realize this but it is typically in the best interest of both parties not to comment on the situation until things are complete (official). 




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