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Behind The Board #13 - Cookies? & Persistent Hecklers!


Recapped By: Carl Hein

This week the Supercross series made a stop in Pontiac, Michigan, home of the superb Detroit Lions football team and the homet

This week the Supercross series made a stop in Pontiac, Michigan, home of the superb Detroit Lions football team and the hometown race of my rider, Nick Wey. In last week’s thrilling episode, I spoke of Nick’s bad back and the trauma he suffered during the race. Well it was a week full of chiropractors and masseuse’s for him as he stayed off of the bike all week to let his back heal up. I drove up to Nick’s place and arrived there Sunday night. My partner this week was none other then Ron Bushey, John Dowd’s mechanic.  Ron was looking for a place to stay this week and the Wey family opened their home to him. If any of you have ever met Nick’s family they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, their dad Terry (T-wey) mom Beth (B-wey) brother Luke (L-dub) and sister Carey (C-wey) and what is really funny is they all call each other by these nicknames. They really made Bushey and I feel at home.


Since I had done most of the hard work on the bike the week before I kind of had an easy week on the bike. This provided me with some time to relax and have some fun. One day last week Bushey (multi-time NESC champ) and I (multi-time Manitoba champ) got to go riding. This was pretty cool, the track was sand with some chopped out whoops. Bushey and me were shredding laps, at least it felt like shredding, when we saw some other dudes pull up and start riding. We ended up talking to them once our 4-lap shredding of the track was done, and they were really nice guys, one guy there on the four-fifty was even brave enough to tell me that he read  ‘Behind The Board‘, and, get this, that he ENJOYED it. That was cool. All the guys we talked to were really nice and I think they were all pumped on John Dowd’s practice bike being there. Dowd seems to have fans everywhere. Dowd’s team had just picked up the sponsor Boston Celtics basketball team; this is really cool for the sport. I guess the owner is a dirt bike enthusiast and also a John Dowd fan (who isn’t?), he just wanted to be a part of Dowd’s program and stepped up to help the team.


I wasn’t sure how the race was going to go being as how Nick hadn’t ridden all week. My worries were put to rest as Nick was riding very well during Friday’s practice. The track was very technical with plenty of rhythm sections, unlike last weeks track, which was real basic. It seemed that the guys never had time to rest, there was always some section coming up on them. I think the track builders have come under some criticism lately, as the whoops are all but impossible to ride. What happens then is only the best guys are able to get through them and then there’s only one line through them the rest of the night.  If you fall out of the good line you end up over the bars with now chance of podiuming. Davey Coombs of Racer X and one of the ESPN reporters has written a few posts about this, and since then coincidence or not, the whoops have been easier. I think this is good for the racing as it adds passing lines.


Saturday came and Nick had the 6th best time after the first practice.  Things were looking pretty good for team Moto XXX going into the evening program. There’s been some issues on our team lately in regards to sponsors and how much respect we are getting from them. Besides the five factory teams and the four satellite teams out there I feel that we are the premier privateer team on the circuit. We do not get any official factory help from anyone.  Everything we get is through DGY, a motorcycle shop located outside of Chicago, IL.  Everything on my bike you can buy at your local shop. We are 8th in the points, beating many of the factory teams riders. Just at Pontiac, Nick won the semi, Kyle Lewis holeshot the 250 main, and Kelly Smith holeshot the 125 main. That’s 3 times Moto XXX/DGY/Oneal team was up on the podium. There was no other team with that kind of representation, besides KTM, which swept the peewee race. My point to all this is that we are a real good team with awesome riders and I think that sometimes, the media, fans and other outlets look to just the winner and forget that there’s other teams and riders out there. XXX has been doing this for 6 years and they basically do it with no help from anyone but themselves and the sponsors. I just feel that they should get more recognition from the industry. 


Now to get off my soapbox and talk about the races. Heat 2 went off the line and Nick got a decent jump and came around in 7th or so. He rode a good race and finished 5th, one spot out of qualifying. I think he could have run with Roncada, but when you give those guys a little bit of a lead you really are stacking the odds against you. For the semi Nick got a real good jump and came out 2nd behind our teammate, Kyle Lewis. What followed were 6 laps of those two going at it.  Nick was looking for a way around him, he actually did get by at one point but Kyle put a good move on him and passed him back.  To me it looked like if Nick really wanted to hit him he could of got by, but with your teammate you don’t want to do that. I also thought that Kyle could of hit Nick good if he wanted to. It was good that both of them were showing some restraint out there. On the last lap Wey found a way (get it?) around Kyle and took the semi win. That was the 2nd last lap pass on Kyle in the last two weeks by Nick, as he had passed him the week before in the main. In Pontiac the fans are really close to the start line so when we were all sitting there all quiet during the 125 speeches, I was trying not to laugh when some dude was yelling “CARMICHEAL, YOU SUCK!!!” over and over and over. Imagine yourself sitting behind your desk in the middle of your workday and having some guy yelling at you, you suck over and over again.  It would make it pretty hard to work huh?  When the riders left for the parade lap, I was busy stomping down Nick’s rut when I noticed that Larry Brooks, team manager for McGrath racing had some cookies in one of his hands, knowing that Nick always takes a long time to do his lap, I happily accepted his offer of a cookie. Well wouldn’t you know it, for the first time in 13 weeks, here comes Wey, charging hard coming back to the gate. He looked at me stuffing the rest of the cookie in my mouth and asked,  “Why are you eating a cookie Jerky?”-I was busted!


Anyway, for the main we had the 9th pick with the first turn being a sharp left-hander. We lined up about 7th or so from the inside. When the gate dropped Nick’s rear wheel just spun and threw up a bunch of dirt, thereby ensuring him another bad start. He came around the end of the first lap in 16th. From there you could just insert anyone of my race reports from the previous 12 weeks.  Nick rode real well picking off guys and finished 9th for the night. He did make another last-lap pass on Kyle for the 9th spot. I really don’t think he should wait for the last lap to make pass on Kyle, I think Lewis might just not let that happen again! If he could of got by Huffman a little earlier then he might’ve been able to get Kyle and then when Lusk fell and Tortelli fell he could’ve got both of them as well. You really cant wait in Supercross, when you have a shot at a pass you have to take it. As they say, Rubbin’s racing!


That’s it for now, thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep the emails coming in with any questions that you might have for Nick or myself. See you next week in the big D.


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