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Behind The Board #14 - Key Observations & Comments


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Ok Ok, Iím starting to feel it. Itís been a long year and I am starting to drag a little bit. You start out full of enthusiasm at Anaheim and by round 14 Dallas, you just want a little bit of a break. The last couple of years I have flown to the races, and I was only doing 125 east races so I was at home quite a bit. Well, this year I have to drive to all the races and find my own place to stay during the week so right around now, Iím ready for the outdoors. Itís been a successful year so far I feel. Right now we are top privateer, and 8th in the points so we have done well. Itís just that the weeks are blending together; I just looked at the date today and canít believe itís already the 21st! It really does seem like a couple days ago it was the 1st. I have been at every Supercross this year and have spent a lot of time talking to people and observing things. Here are a few things that I feel should or should not change in Supercross.



*†††††††††† They really should change the amount of practice that the privateers get.I have harped on this before but to have the factory guys get double the amount of time on the track just doesnít seem right.

*†††††††††† How come privateer teams have to wait until 10 AM to park on Friday mornings? A lot of the teams have canopies and tents to set up as well. The factory guys are already working on the bikes and we are just pulling in.

*†††††††††† They should change the way they park the privateers as well. The parking situation is a cluster but they always make sure that the privateers are in the back 40 just past the tire companies, can we not park side by side with the factories? Are they afraid we might steal some stuff?

*†††††††††† They should continue to find a way for Robbie Reynard and his dad to work together. Not being able to watch them argue in the mechanics area during practice would be a great loss of entertainment.

*†††††††††† The guys that work at CCE and the AMA should continue to talk crap on each other at every chance they get.

*†††††††††† They should continue to have local security at every stadium. Arguing with these want to be cops about where to stand, where to sit, where to walk and whereís my pass is always a lot of fun.

*†††††††††† The AMA shouldnít change the way they enforce the rules. They are doing a great job. About the only way it could get better is if A BUNCH OF MONKEYS WERE DOING IT!!!

*†††††††††† Terry Boyd should change his hairstyle. The ďcaught in a wind tunnelĒ look isnít doing it for him.

*†††††††††† Honda should hire more people. Having 18 guys at every race isnít quite enough, a few more and they could ice their own hockey team.

*†††††††††† Somebody should change the rules in the 125 classes. Having 35-year-old ex-factory riders and kids making enough money to retire with when theyíre done in the class wasnít what the class was made for.

*†††††††††† They should put more sandpits, water jumps and bring back the coca-cola catapult!

*†††††††††† ESPN should focus more on the racing, not just follow the leader around.There are a lot of awesome battles going on back of the lead group



Thatís just a few things, which came to me off of the top of my head. There are more but I donít want to bore you. I could go on and on about Dallas but I think that most of you have already seen the results and saw that we got 10th. It was a good ride; Nick won his semi, which was good. I am in Dallas right now just finishing my bike and getting ready for the drive to Salt lake. It should be about 20 hours or so. Sorry for the shortened column but I have a busy week ahead of me and I am suffering from writers block or something. Donít forget to send your emails in and I will continue to try and answer the best ones.Thanks again for readingÖthe races...




Steve Matthes


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