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Nick Wey Updates His Site with Some Pre Series Info


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Hey fans, Sorry for not updating my site lately but as you can understand I have been a little busy racing my 250 and training for the West coast series. I have been doing O.K. on my 250 but I donít really practice with it during the week. It is good that I am getting the experience on the 250 because this is my last year on the 125ís and it will build my confidence.


People have been asking me about Fonsecaís four stroke 250. And you know I have ridden it and it is a nice bike, but there are disadvantages to it. I would prefer the two stroke 125 any day. This bike is awesome.


As to the 125 east coast series, my goal is to win. I feel that I can and should. I need to be consistent and get on the podium. I feel great going into the season and it should carry me through.


See ya,


Nick Wey


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