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New Orleans SX from the Eyes of Nick Wey


Recapped By: Carl Hein


I was excited coming in to the New Orleans race.I had high expectations after a good ride in Atlanta.I felt awesome in practice, but the races didnít progress as well as I had hoped.


In the heat race I didn't get such a good jump off the gate but I was tucked in behind the leaders coming around the first turn looking to dive inside of them.That didn't work out because of the tuff block that had been drug into the track right in front of me.I hit the tuff block and the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground getting run over by someone else and then by my own bike was on top of me.I remounted and charged through the pack, which got me into the main with an 8th in the heat.This gave me the 17th pick on the gate for the main event.


The first turn in the Superdome was a sweeping 180-degree turn, which favored the inside.I started on the outside and did all I cold not to get pushed over the berm.I made a lot of passes during the race and got into 4th.By the time I had moved into 4th the leaders were gone.I tried my best to catch them but there was not enough time in the moto.For Daytona Iím hoping for a better start, which could put me in the mix for the win.I have been riding well but you never can tell what is going to happen.


Nick Wey



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