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Suzuki's Nick Wey Races NBC TV Sportscaster In Unique Promotion


Recapped By: Pat Schutte - OMS Sports


Michigan rider helps promote Red Bud National with made-for-TV "MX Unleashed" video game race against WILX/NBC sports anchor Ben Holden


LANSING, Mich., (July 1, 2004) - Team Suzuki's Nick Wey ran four motos on Wednesday (three nationals plus one supercross) and barely broke a sweat, although he did suffer a bit of "Thumb Pump."

Wey, working with the National Promoters Group to help publicize the upcoming Red Bud round of the 2004 AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship, hooked up with NBC affiliate WILX (Lansing) sports anchor Ben Holden to talk about the upcoming race and settle a score the two had been talking some trash over the last couple years: Who's faster at the popular THQ video game MX Unleashed?


After an interview, getting Lansing area viewers caught up on Wey's (from nearby DeWitt) season thus far in the Nationals and some talk on him returning to Red Bud - a place where Wey's raced for some 17 years - the two sat down at the WILX studios, Play Station 2 controllers in hand, and went after it.


"OK, I get to be Nick Wey," said Holden.


"No you don't. I'm Wey," said Wey.


"But I'm always Wey," said Holden.


The actual Wey wouldn't budge and Holden had to settle for Wey's Suzuki teammate Branden Jesseman. Starting out on a supercross track, Holden took the early lead and walked away with the first win - talking a bit of trash along the way that drew laughter from the WILX cameraman, as well as Wey's riding buddy, Randy Valade (from nearby Howell, Mich.). Wey wasn't all too pleased.


"Let's hit a National track," said Wey. "I'm definitely in Nationals shape at this time of the year."


The No. 27 Suzuki then took advantage of a Holden mistake and - as the WILX cameras rolled - evened up the series at 1-1 with a 30-second win. The rubber match had Holden blast out early, then pulled off to let Wey, who had augered a couple times, catch up. Wey rode smart up front and Holden wiped out (no fault of Jesseman's) trying to catch Wey. In the end Wey would take the best of three O/A, 2-1, and for good measure, would capture a 'just for fun' fourth moto as well - even attempting a backflip on the finish line jump to rub it in a bit (although he landed on his face).


"Yeah, that's not good Karma - stopping and letting somebody catch up," warned Wey. "We'll have to run it back at Pontiac next year, Ben." Ben agreed and said he'd be practicing with his wife, who runs Wey's teammate Sebastien Tortelli when they race.


The video MX battle will air on WILX (Ch. 10) this week to help promote the NPG's Red Bud round of the Nationals.


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