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Unbound Energy Drink Joins MDK As Title Sponsors For Nick Wey




New energy drink launches big with Wey and MDK
CARLSBAD, Calif., (May 4, 2005) –
Crown Athlete Management Group announced today that Unbound Energy Drink, a new action sport-oriented energy beverage available at BP and am/pm stores, has joined MDK as the title sponsor for Nick Wey’s Outdoor National MX team.
Team Unbound Energy/MDK will also feature up-and-coming Cali racer Eric McCrummen .
“When we launched Unbound Energy we wanted to connect with the action sports crowd right away and there’s not better way to do that than through motocross,” said Unbound’s Jon Bratta.
Bratta added that he was “shocked” when he attended the first Anaheim supercross this year and saw that Wey was a privateer.
“That motivated me to get in touch with Nick through Crown AMG and we worked out a deal with MDK to be Nick’s sponsor for the Outdoor Nationals.”
Added Crown AMG President Scott Sepkovic: “This was such a natural fit for the Unbound brand to transition in a quick way to the forefront of the action sports community. Nick’s definitely pumped about it and Unbound will no doubt benefit from the exposure at the Nationals this summer.”
Unbound Energy is available in 16 oz. cans at BP and am/pm retail locations.


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