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NYK Feels better and Is Still Looking For A Ride For 2002


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Binghamton was such a fun track.After practice on Sunday I felt really confident about my speed.Since a few changes were made to my bike before Washougal I have been riding like a new man and with a break or two I felt that I could run up front.


The first moto I lined up a bit outside which turned out to be a mistake.With a decent jump out of the gate I pinned it in to the first turn just behind Pingree who knocked a hay bale out in front of me.I hit the bale and caught air into the fence, which was lining the outside of the track.After dusting myself off, and with the help of a few fans, I was able to get my bike out of the fence and set out after the next to last guy.I ended up 15th, which was a good ride from where I started. The second moto I was able to get a much better start, pass a few guys and ended up following Sheak and Thain over the finish line for 7th.I ended the day with a 15-7 for an 8th overall.


Coming into this weekend I have rode as much as humanly possibly trying to finish the season out in the top ten in points.I'm excited to go back to Steel City. It is one of my favorite tracks and I hope to do very well.I have been working on my plans for next season but currently I'm still unsure about what Iíll be riding and for whom Iíll be riding.




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