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Steve Matthes Updates Us On 2002


Recapped By: Doug Hein


Nick Wey’s new mechanic Steve Matthes is pumped for this season. In a phone conversation with Steve he brought us up to date with him and Nick.


I have known Nick for a while, actually him and Kelly Smith I have know for a couple of years. So when Nick needed a mechanic it was a good fit for the both of us. So I told KTM that I had another job and proceeded to go with Nick to McGrath’s team. As you all know that deal fell through so Nick had no job and I had no job. KTM had already filled my position, which I don’t blame them but I still needed a job. So when Moto XXX came along it was the right spot for us.


Nick will be riding an YZ 250 two stroke in the Supercross series and probably the outdoor series as well. The bike is really good stock and we are getting some factory support.  As far as our racing schedule goes we are heading to Paris to race in the Bercy Supercross and will not be doing any arenacrosses this year.


One thing for sure is that we will be ready for the season.


If you have any questions for Steve you can e-mail him through Nick Wey’s site.


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