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Maxxis Tires Up and Coming


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Virtually Real Motocross has been hearing a lot about the Maxxis tire products since last year MX Nationals and thought wed see what Nick Wey thought of their tires. Nick was very complementary of their products and you can see below.


The team and myself have been riding and testing with the Maxxis tires since Ive been brought onto the Moto XXX team and Im liking them a lot. They work really well and the whole team is really pumped to have Maxxis tires on our bikes for the whole year. Maxxis IT and HT lines of tires both work well for their designed conditions. The selection of tires Maxxis produces is growing and they are working very hard to get an edge on the competition as I see their effort on a daily basis. If I could ever recommend a tire that is worth every cent it would be the Maxxis IT front and rear. They are the most durable tires available.


I guess VRM will be throwing a set of Maxxis tires on our bikes and try them for ourselves. Maxxis tires has more in depth technical specifications on their 2002 products on their web site at www.maxxis.com.




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