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Behind Wey - Steve Matthes Recaps Nick Wey's Anaheim Race


Recapped By: Carl Hein


“Nick felt pretty good going into the opener, his bike was set-up by pro circuit and the Moto XXX team was also behind him 100%.  Practice went well with some suspension adjustments made in between practices that really helped out. In the heat Nick got a terrible start, was pinched off and rounded the corner in last, he worked his way up to 7th. The semi race holeshot wasn’t much better.  Nick was just about last coming around on lap 1 and he rode all right and finished in the last transfer spot for 5th place.


The plan for the main event was to just ride 20 consistent laps.  Nick and I both figured that since his pick on the gate was so bad (18th) that a good start was pretty hard to get.  We felt Nick needed to ride at a pace that he could handle for the whole race and see what happens. The start wasn’t good again.  Nick came around lap 1 in 16th place and with a little good luck and some really good laps he finished 7th.  I felt pretty good about his finish when you factor in the starting spot and the depth of the competition.  Nick passed Kevin Windham on the last lap for 7th, which was impressive to see.  My rider never gave up and his results proved it.”


Steve Matthes – Nick Wey’s Mechanic



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