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Behind The Board - Nick Wey's San Diego Race Review


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Behind the Board - Round #2 By Steve Matthes (Nick Wey’s Mechanic).


“The San Diego SX went OK but not spectacular for Nick and myself.  The track was pretty tough with a whoop section that was really big at the start of racing and by the end of the night it had broken down and was pretty much one lined which made passing tough. Nick rode well in practice.   The bike seemed like it was working well but Nick suggested some jetting changes and thought that it made an improvement. He had a real good time in the 2nd practice on Saturday and it looked like it was going to be a good night.”


“However in the heat Nick had a bad start and worked his way up to 6th place which was one spot behind multi-time Canadian champion Jean-Sebastian Roy (JSR). The semi race went OK.  Nick’s jump was average off the start but he rode well and secured a 2nd place position and a spot in the main.   Huff daddy won the semi but was getting caught at a rapid pace by the NYK but the end of the moto.”


“The start of the main event began terribly due to 2 things, my rider crashing off the side of the track and remounting in 17th, and Steve Lamson breaking his leg in the same crash.   Lammy is one of the coolest guys out there and it will be sad not to see him out on the track for a while!  A side fact, which make me sad is that one more privateer makes the main thereby costing me bonus money.”


Anyway, Nick rode OK and finished almost half lap down for a respectable 13th.   Nick almost caught Tim Ferry and Jeremy McGrath at the end of the race but just ran out of time.   He was not happy but it’s a long series and far from over. So now it’s on to Anaheim (again!) and we will try again to get a good finish for Moto XXX and all of our sponsors.


With in a week or two a new link will be posted on the web site which will allow visitors to ask me questions about racing.  Topics can include bike set up, rider information requests, whatever your thinking about, etc. and I will attempt to answer some of the best questions each week and post them on the web site.  Until next week thanks for reading Behind the Board.


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