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Behind the Board #3 - Nick Wey's Anaheim #2 Race


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Behind The Board #3 – Steve Matthes


This week in Anaheim 2, Nick had a good week of practice and everything went well on Friday’s practice.  His times were good and the bike looked like it was working well to me.  On Saturday, after the first practice Nick felt like the bike's suspension could use some improvement so Bones from Pro Circuit had me whip the forks off and he made some valving changes. In the second practice you could definitely tell that Nick agreed with the changes as he was flying around the track!  He was right in there with the best times of the top riders and all was good in Nick Wey land!


If any of you have never been to a SX and want to get lots of free stuff, come by the Moto XXX pits and there is a good chance you’ll get something.  There may be a riot and some looting involved but in the end its all good clean fun. So after the free stuff was all gone, we got down to business and got our tires sorted out we went with a Maxxis IT front and Maxxis IT rear for optimum traction. By the way if XXX catches the kids who stole the stickers from under the table, they're going to enter a world of pain.


  The qualifying went ok.   At the beginning of the heat race Nick got shut off on the start by JSR and his John Deere tractor.  We both made a mental note not to start beside the four strokes because they have such good torque that those bikes always pulls you out of the gate. For the main Nick decided to start next to JSR and his John Deere tractor, who, amazingly pulled him out of the gate and shut him off in the first turn. Imagine that..Anyhow Nick was going well and then a Ferry struck.


Timmy swerved left and Nick went into the tuff boxes like I go into a buffet line.  After all the carnage was over he was about 15 seconds back of his teammate Kyle Lewis.   So little nick put his head down and soldiered on to a credible 15th place. We can’t get the breaks right now but they will come our way soon.  Neither of us are doing anything to get this bad karma so I think the karma gods will reward us soon, maybe this week in Phoenix. The rest of the race seemed ok, I can’t really tell you to much about the race except I think Pastrana was riding well and everybody is really glad that the “Rock” won.   It was about time, it seemed like the last time he won dinosaurs ruled the earth. He is well deserving of the win and in my opinion has been the fastest guy in the first 3 rounds....that’s it for now,  remember keep the questions rolling in and soon I will be posting the best ones.....


For now you may e-mail your questions to VRM at vrm@vrmweb.net and they’ll forward them to me for review.  Soon the web site will be able to post those questions directly to me.


Steve Matthes




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