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Behind The Board #5 - NYK's Race & Hanging with Rock Stars


Recapped By: Carl Hein


As Nick and I got ready for what seemed like Anaheim #18,everything was in place for a good finish.He had a good week of riding.NYK rode just about every day and went on a couple of long bike rides. He was working hard to get a top finish and I was busy this week changing parts. I really didnít do to much to the bike, as the week before it was all new.†† This week all I did to the Moto XXX/DGY Yamaha was a top end and cleaned the power valves and of course the standard stuff, cables, wheels, brakes and as always G&G (grips and graphics). I was as giddy as a schoolgirl this week with the thought of what was going to appear this weekend, none other then the new team hauler!!! We have been hearing about this rig that was coming for a while and for a little bit there I thought it was going to be like how as a kid I would hear about this girl coming into my bedroom at night and somehow, without me waking, take my old tooth and leave me with a dollar. So I kind of doubted this new truck ever showing up, kind of like I never caught the tooth fairy coming into my room.


††† As I got into my newly fixed box van, (another story) I drove down to the track on Saturday for the race, actually I should rewind here. On Thursday there was a special "privateer" practice, if any of you read this column you will remember that last week I went on and on about how we (the privateers) get shafted on practice time on Fridays. Well someone at Clear Channel obviously is a fan of me (doubt it) because all of a sudden here was this practice just for the scummy privateers. So I show up on Thursday with Nick, and we drive into the parking lot and who do we see?None other then Grant Langston and Steve Boniface's factory KTM's, key word in that sentence- "factory". So Nick and I wondered what was going on and it seemed strange that they were going to practice today but whatever.Then we parked next to Mike Brown and his factory KX 125. Now I understood, it seemed that the practice was for privateers only but if you were factory, hell, c'mon out! I didnít say too much to anyone but I started thinking what would happen if during the "factory" practice on Friday Billy Bucktooth and Zeb Armstrong stormed the track and just started riding beside mc pulling wheelies, think nothing would be said? Yeah right and I have some Enron stock for you as well.


††† Anyhow, pulling into the track on Saturday there it was- the new Moto XXX hauler!!!Like a beam of sunshine, it stuck out above all the others. I parked quickly and got a quick tour from Chet, the driver. It is pretty sweet with a full living area and 18-foot long workspace in the back. I think total length is about 60 feet so itís a pretty good size. Thanks to our sponsor WBR for this truck by the way. Another thing that was exciting to a hick Canadian guy like me was the fact that there was supposed to be rock stars theyíre hanging out as well. Two of the teamís owners are in bands and because famous people just hang with other famous people, if you ask your buddy to come to a race, chances are they will be famous like you. So the thought of me rubbing shoulders with rock stars and maybe the groupies that hang out with them was a pleasant thought to me. Perhaps one of the groupies would mistake me for a rock star and want to get together for a "date".


††† Practice went well on Saturday for us. Nick seemed to be happy with the bike and the only thing we tried different was a special Maxxis front tire and it worked better. I was thinking to myself while watching the 2nd practice about how much the riders really step it up for the last practice as the pace quickens, everybody trying to get in those last laps before the night show. I was also thinking about all of those rock stars that I was going to be "bro'ing" down with. Nick's times were in the middle of the pack for the fast guy group, which I thought was pretty good. He was not happy however as he wanted to do better. After practice I cleaned the bike up and mounted some new Maxxis IT tires for the night race, and got ready to meet Bono or Sting or somebody like that.


After I was done the bike I looked up and in front of our new truck there was a mob of people yelling and screaming. I looked further and saw why, 3 good looking blonde ladies standing on a table hucking out free stuff, ahhhh nothing attracts a crowd like 3 hot girls on a table and free stuff. Judging by the way these "ladies" were carrying on it seemed to me that they were really happy to be on this table throwing things out. I figured this was my chance to get in there, I walked over to the truck and to the barricaded area and looked around and spotted.................no one I knew. I couldnít believe it, here I was amid rock stars and I couldnít recognize anyone. I was told later that there were indeed some rock stars there from bands like pennywise and rancid, but on the star scale I was a little disappointed.


†††††† On to the race I went. The first heat went ok with Nick getting a poor start and hunting down Canadian hero JSR for a solid 5th, only the top 4 go to the main so onto the semi we went. In the semi Nick's start was not so good and he ended up getting 2nd to JSR, he was catching the Canadian icon but just ran out of time. His speed was good and I was thinking that with a good start we could really have a good night.


†††† His start in the main event was terrible, I guess praying to the start god didnít really help because he rounded the first turn in last, only a berserk charge up the inside of the next whoop section saved him as he came around the first lap in 16th. He passed some guys and came up on his new arch-enemy JSR. It seemed then that time stood still as his charge came to a little halt as he looked for a way around the Canadian hero. At one point he tripled-tripled before the finish and slammed the Honda rider in the turn only to get tangled up with him and not make the pass. Nick did eventually make the pass and he was back on it!He got up to Fonseca and then tried everything he could but the Costa Rican held him off. It wasnít for a lack of trying though; he really turned it up once he saw Ernie up there. At this point I must have been pretty excited because during this battle, my fanny pack popped off and fell to the track, maybe I should lay off of the burritos and start running up the tunnels from now on. So Nick finished up a credible 11th.Everything went ok for us this weekend, I really feel that, with a start, Nick could run up there in the top 5 or 6 no problem.


Next week I leave for Indianapolis and we start our east coast swing. Once again, If anyone actually reads this far down and you have a question for me or nick email VRM and I will try my best to answer all of them (mom, stop sending recipes) Thanks and talk to ya soon....


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