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Crash Costs Wey in Detroit, MI SX Race




Detroit, MI MDK KTM Factory rider Nick Wey had some difficulties in his heat race causing him to pull off. His mechanic, Jamie Ellis, quickly went to work to solve the problem earning the top tech award for the night by helping Wey return in time for the LCQ where he grabbed the holeshot and the win to transfer into the main event.

In the main, Wey got a poor start due largely to his outside gate position and had to work his way up through the riders. He eventually charged up to 12th position when on the last lap he got tangled with Paul Carpenter and Jake Marsack in a crash that sent all three riders to the ground. Wey got up first and salvaged 17th for the night.

Next Event: St. Louis Supercross April 19, 2008

Overall Results Supercross Class:
1. D. Milsaps
2. T. Ferry
3. K. Windham
4. J. Hill
5. A. Short
6. T. Preston
7. D. Vuillemin
8. C. Summey
9. H. Voss
10. J. Thomas
11. K. Smith
12. C. Reed
13. N. Ramsey
14. R. Clark
15. E. Sorby
16. K. Johnson
17. N. Wey KTM
18. P. Carpenter
19. S. Skinner
20. J. Marsack
21. T. Hahn

Overall Points Supercross Class:
1. C. Reed 296
2. K. Windham 280
3. D. Millsaps 229
4. A. Short 221
5. J. Hill 191
6. T. Ferry 189
7. N. Ramsey 155
8. D. Vuillemin 137
9. P. Carpenter 123
10. N. Wey - 121



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