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Nick Wey Finishes 9th Overall at Glen Helen Opener




San Bernardino, CA – MDK KTM Factory rider Nick Wey earned 9th overall at the first round of the AMA Motocross Series at Glen Helen Raceway.


Wey started well when he came around the first turn in 8th at the start of moto one. Unfortunately, he made a couple mistakes that allowed two riders to slip by, moving him back to 10th. He held that position for the remainder of the moto.


As the gate dropped for moto two, Wey had a decent jump and was within the top ten but got blocked by another rider on the second turn that forced him back into 17th. By the end of lap one he had begun his charge and worked his way into 15th. He quickly moved into 13th at the end of lap three and into 12th on lap four. His march forward didn’t stop there. On lap seven, he passed Steve Boniface for 11th and by the end of the moto he had moved into 10th. His 10-10 score for the afternoon scored him 9th overall for the first round.


Next Event: Hangtown June 1, 2006 – Sacramento, CA


Overall Results Motocross Class:

1.       James Stewart (1,1)

2.       Mike Alessi (2,2)

3.       David Millsaps (3,3)

4.       Tim Ferry (4,4)

5.       Ivan Tedesco (7,5)

6.       Michael Byrne (9,7)

7.       Sean Hamblin (8,8)

8.       Cody Cooper (14,6)

9.      Nick Wey (10,10)

10.    Jeff Alessi (13,9)

11.    Antonio Balbi (12,11)

12.    Steve Boniface (11,12)

13.    Andrew Short (5,36)

14.    Ben Townley (6,32)

15.    Bobby Bonds (15,17)

16.    Jarred Browne (26,13)

17.    David Vuillemin (16,18)

18.    Charles Summey (35,14)

19.    Josh Hill (34,15)

20.    Kyle Summers (22,16)

21.    Juss Laansoo (17,29)

22.    Adam Chatfield (20,19)

23.    Paul Carpenter (18,37)

24.    Michael Blose (19,21)

25.    Kyle Lewis (27,20)



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