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Recapped By: Doug Hein


Another Memorial weekend at High Point which was begun by our family in 1992.  All those years racing as an amateur and the last two years racing as a pro finally paid off.  As an amateur I 
have had a lot of success, but the last two years as a pro I have had nothing but bad luck. In 1998 I crashed while running up front which made for a crummy result.  1999 a flat tire ruined any chance of a strong finish.  Needless to say I was determined to do well this year after the two poor previous years.  After a muddy Saturday practice the weather report said a 90% chance of rain for Sunday!  I was looking forward to a beautiful day, but a down pour destroyed that idea.  My round one bad luck had me in the qualifier right where my mechanic Kevin did not want me to be. Of Course I easily qualified and was pumped for the first moto.

After the holeshot for moto one I was just outside the top ten I struggled for clear vision in a battle for survival.  I ended up finishing 5th, which pumped me up considering such slop.  Just when I thought it could not get any worse, it did.  It began raining cats and dogs between motos.

Another mid pack start for moto two, but I was fast and patient as I was trying to miss the puddles 
to ensure my bike wouldn't suck any water.  I steadily moved through the pack into 3rd where I rode for half the race.  With two laps left I caught my teammate Tallon Vohland and passed him for second, where I happily finished.  I ended up getting 2nd overall behind my very good friend Kelly Smith who pulled of a surprise win.  Congrats Kelly!  My momentum is building and I will take that  into the next race at Southwick, which is one of my favorite tracks.  Once I get that first win I know it'll start the snowball down hill!



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